Collection Fall-Winter 2024

2024 Fall-Winter Combined Collection for Men and Women

In the fall and winter of 2024-25, the Woo Young-mi Collection drew portraits of various military figures living there, inspired by "Seoul," which is the home of designers and has established itself as a global city. Proposing Seoul's dress code, which freely combines traditional Seoul and Western wardrobes in an instinctive and unique way, the encounter was interpreted as a cultural mark and Seoul's way as an international city.

It expressed a variety of human figures that could be encountered in Seoul, including a maxi coat of heritage fabric and a relaxed suit, a combination of boucle miniskirts and suits, bourgeois ladies, and boy scouts, and practical uniforms reflected the cultural codes of the younger generation in Seoul. Korea's 'fabric' details were applied in hoodies, shirts, and hats. A gray canvas of buildings and skies, and a warm color palette of navy, dark green and brown in urban landscapes were added.

Meanwhile, the showroom was inspired by designer Woo Young-mi's fashion philosophy and decorated with the brand's new signature image that symbolized the ability to hear the sounds of the city and the world, in a strange contrast to the urban and industrial show space.

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