Collection Spring-Summer 2023

2023 Spring-Summer Unisex Collection

This collection reflects the brand's debut in Paris 20 years ago, and re-evaluates the archives of Woo Young-mi's early days from a current perspective.

The space of Wooyoungmi 2023 SS collection contains the connotative atmosphere of an auction that was held in the old grand gallery, and expresses the renewal process of reevaluation and reinterpretation of the past through the present, inspired by the memories of early incarnations. did.

The 2023 SS silhouettes detect the similarity between her appearance at that time and her current attire in the early 2000s when she relocated to her new office building in Seoul, South Korea this spring this spring. As an expression of respect for the times, this SS silhouette was expressed. The millennium of the past and the years around it, its crude minimalism, a mashup of Britpop and hip-hop dressing, etc., are products of the early desires for the glamor of the 2000s.

The 2023 SS collection runway unfolds ideas with a delicate approach developed through 20 years of aesthetics. The overall silhouette is boyishly tight and generous in fit, as seen in Woo Young-mi's early works, reminiscent of the dress code of the skateboarding community in the late 1990s. While aiming for a collection shared by men and women, the identity of the Wooyoungmi brand, scale-up and scale-down are possible according to the fit and feel through the free exchange of male and female codes.

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