Spring/Summer 2020 'CITY POP' Collection

Following a long recovery from WWII, many countries bore the fruit of a new economic independence and none more so than the global force of Japan. A new soundtrack was needed to capture the mood of the era, and with that City Pop was born. Taking influences from America - new wave and jazz fusion as well as other areas of Asia, it was urban pop music as a soundtrack to a glitzy urban lifestyle. Blending a sense of the past and the present is at the heart of WOOYOUNGMI SS20. It is in keeping with a new generation that are rediscovering scenes from past decades; the look is never replicated, it’s a modern retelling. SS20 is a modern guy playing a Mariya Takeuchi vinyl. The collection is a reimagined City Pop scene, with all the eccentric cool of modern Asia street-style.

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